Distinguish fabric POLYESTER & NYLON

Distinguish fabric POLYESTER & NYLON

How to distinguish POLYESTER & NYLON fabric in bag backpack and handbag production

Hop Phat backpacks and handbags sewing company would like to share customers on how to distinguish polyester & nylon fabric in backpack and handbag production.

With experience in manufacturing domestic and export orders, there are many questions related to distinguishing polyester & nylon fabric in backpack and handbag production. We strongly believe this information will support our customers in the process of order backpack and handbag

Polyester is a synthetic fiber with a characteristic composition of ethylene (oil-based). The chemical process that creates complete polyester is called polymerization. There are four basic polyesters are Filament, fiber, coarse yarn, and fiberfill.

Polyester is widely used in the industry to produce products such as household clothes, furniture, industrial fabrics, insulation materials, cushions … The polyester yarn has many advantages compared to other types. Traditional fibers are non-hygroscopic but absorb oil. These characteristics make Polyester a perfect product for water, dust and fire protection applications. Polyester’s low absorption capacity makes it natural to resist stains. Polyester fabric does not shrink when washing, anti-wrinkle, and stretching. It is also easily dyed and not damaged by mold. Polyester fabric is an effective insulation material, so it is used to produce pillows, blankets, mattresses, outerwear and sleeping bags …

1. What is Polyester fabric?

Polyester fabric is a synthetic fiber. This material is mainly derived from air, coal, and oil.

Polyester fabric for sewing backpacks and bags

polyester fibers are used a lot to produce popular products in our daily life such as clothing, industrial fabrics, insulation materials, bedding, household furniture. , …

Advantages of Polyester fabric:

When burning black smoke & bad smell.

Good wrinkle resistance.

Various dyeing ability.

Easy to clean.


Water resistant polyester fabric.

Polyester mesh fabrics are not affected by the external environment.


Polyester fabric is quite hot.

Can be washed by hand or by machine & can give fabric softener.


Polyester fabrics are easy to store.

In addition, the fabric can be washed by hand & by machine & add fabric softener.

2. Nylon fabric:

The crude oil-based Nylon fabric undergoes a strong fiber-intensive chemical process that is elastic & woven into the fabric

Nylon fabric for sewing backpacks and handbags

Many types of nylon, nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 11, nylon 610, of which the most important are nylon 66 and nylon 6.

Advantages of nylon fabric:

Eliminate fungi, insects & antibacterial.

When burning, white smoke makes a symbol to explain.

Good elasticity.

Good aesthetic.

Easy to dye.


The price is quite high.

No biodegradation, environmental impact.

Not waterproof, the fabric is quite hot like polyester fabric.

Heat resistance is not high.


Nylon fabric only washes by hand, does not use the machine.

Store nylon fabric in open area to extend product life

3. Fabric production process:

Weaving -> Dyeing -> Rolling PU, PVC, TPU, Silicone … -> Coated WR against water surface cloth -> Polyester & nylon finished fabric.

Quy trình sản xuất vải nylon & polyester
Nylon & polyester fabric production process

4. How to name backpack bags:

– “D” – Denier stands for – Fiber density / Fabric thickness,

Eg: Polyester or nylon 600D or 1680D fabric … figure 600, 1680… It is a linear density measure performed in grams per 9000 meters. Thus, a Denier with a 9000-meter thread of material will be used to create a product. ==> D is bigger, the more coarse the fiber is

– “TPI” or “T” – T stands for Threads Per Inch, which is the number of fibers in a square inch (2.54 cm). Again, when comparing the same material. The number of fibers can be a good measure of strength and durability -> T is greater, the more solid and durable the fabric is.

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