Order process

Here is the order process at Hop Phat Co.ltd

Step 1 of the order process: Receiving customers to order products:

– Customers choose colors suitable for products, customers’ wishes.
– We will receive the logo printing request on the product, silk screen printing – heat transfer – embroidery, logo size.
– This step of order process customers chooses the style for the product to fit your needs.

Step 2: Exchange & Consulting

– We will Help you Choose the color to match the product accordingly, and the material has many types for customers to choose with the corresponding price for the product.
– We will help you to modify the design and the small patterns of the product, consulting The product size parameters are suitable for the user or product usage.
– In the order process, we will quote the fastest and most suitable price for you based on the agreement.
Here is the order process at Hop Phat Co.ltd

Step 3 of the order process is sample design

– Based on the agreements made. We will design samples and send files for customers to see.
– After viewing and making decisions on final editing in size – color – details. Complete the design.

Step 4: Sewing Sample

– Our company will sewing samples for you to approve of the design file in the most accurate and careful step 3
– After samples are available, samples will be taken to your hands.
– You review and approve the actual sample and sign for approval.

Step 5: Production of goods

– After the sample is approved, we will import the fabric and start cutting the fabric.
– Print the logo on the product.
– The production line speeds up the completion of the product as quickly as possible for you
– Inspection of finished products & packing of goods.

The final step 6 in the order process is: Handing over the finished product

– We will ship the product for free
– You only need to sign and check the product.

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